Dazed and Coherent

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Aug. 17, 10

01:53 PM


It seems like everyday is getting harder and harder knowing
that your not safe at home with us.
everyday i wonder why you didnt call us, why you didnt tell us
when we have always been here for you through thick and thin.
i miss you so much and so does the rest of the family….

i really hope you come home soon…….


Aug. 12, 10

04:05 PM




03:57 PM

It is not just a religion, but a way of life.
it has changed me and open my eyes up to the ignorance
and lies that ive been told.

I knew there was something more….and for once
i know im right were im supose to be.

and i owe it to my and goddess and my god.




Blessed be.


Aug. 02, 10

06:29 PM


Is finally the way i wanted it. its amazing.


Jul. 28, 10

03:12 PM

(via stonerparty)
all day everyday nuukkaaahhh ;)

(via stonerparty)

all day everyday nuukkaaahhh ;)

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